How to Scale Your Cybersecurity With Your Business

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As your company evolves from startup to growth stage, cybersecurity needs to follow along to support, or perhaps even lead, the business.  First, you need to hire a great leader to own the strategy, then you need to build a security architecture to support the growth they create. Here, we’ll focus on the final step…

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5 Steps to Building Your First Security Architecture


Imagine you’ve been asked to lead security at a company that doesn’t have a strong program in place or wants to significantly upgrade their existing one — either because they suspect it might not be effective, or because a recent cyberattack has proven that to be the case. You’ve obviously got a daunting task ahead,…

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Hiring Your First Security Leader

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If cybercrime were a country, its GDP would be the third-largest in the world, and its economy would be one of the fastest-growing. I know that sounds far-fetched, and to be honest, I wish it was. But in 2015, the World Economic Forum estimated the total economic impact of cybercrime to be approximately $3 trillion. Cybersecurity…

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