March 21, 2018

Episode 73: Using Differential Privacy to Solve the Cold-Start Problem

Jon Prial

Company Spotlights, Differential Privacy, Trust

A photograph of Mahmoud Arram.

One of the big challenges that many software companies face is how to overcome the cold-start problem. That’s when a software company needs customer data to optimize its AI solutions or to even just get them to work. That can be tricky because depending on the predictive model their solution uses, it could take weeks or even months to collect enough data from any new customer they onboard. In this episode, Jon Prial talks with┬áMahmoud Arram, the Co-founder and CTO of Bluecore,┬áthe leading retail marketing platform specializing in email. Find out how the Georgian R&D team partnered with Bluecore and used differential privacy to help it solve its cold-start problem.

You’ll Hear About

  • The cold-start problem that many SaaS companies face
  • How Bluecore used differential privacy to overcome it’s cold-start problem
  • The benefits using differential privacy brought to Bluecore and its customers
  • Bluecore’s partnership with the Georgian Impact team that led to these results

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Who Is Mahmoud Arram?

Mahmoud Arram is the Co-founder and CTO of Bluecore, the leading retail marketing platform specializing in email. Prior to Bluecore, he led the engineering team at Moda Operandi, the premiere luxury fashion ecommerce retailer. In that role, he was responsible for building the email infrastructure, revenue and reporting systems, multi-currency order calculators, and on-site merchandising tools. Prior to Moda Operandi, he was a software architect at Allurent, where he designed merchandizable shopping experiences for online retailers. While there, he was on the team that led the transition to a SaaS business and implemented Allurent’s radically simple integration strategy.

You can find him here on LinkedIn.

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