August 17, 2018

Episode 82: Aggregating Massive Data Sets with Chris Moore

A photograph of Chris Moore.

A few months ago we talked to Bill Adler, the Founding President and CEO of True Fit, a data-driven personalization platform for footwear and apparel retailers that’s using machine learning to push the fashion industry forward. In a follow-up conversation with Chris Moore, the company’s Chief Analytics Officer, Jon Prial digs into how that company aggregates and works with its massive data sets.

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You’ll hear about:

  • The importance of normalizing data
  • Some of the best practices True Fit uses to manage all of its data
  • How to overcome the challenges of working with thin data
  • Generating features

Who Is Chris Moore?

Chris Moore is an experienced data analysis scientist and the Chief Analytics Officer at TrueFit. He adds value to organizations by managing technical professionals and teams solving critical scientific and engineering problems. Prior to joining True Fit, he was the Chief Scientist at CargoMetrics, where he led the development of a system for real-time modeling of global commodities movements and developed commodities market trading strategies based on those models.

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