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Higher Purpose Report 2019

At Georgian, we believe that adopting a higher purpose will enhance the value we bring to all our stakeholders—our portfolio companies, our employees, our limited partners and our wider community—while helping to positively impact our team, our community and the broader ecosystem in which we operate.

Our higher purpose is a foundational element of Georgian’s vision and mission, and is designed to guide our actions including:

  • How we hire, train and develop a diverse workforce, inclusive of all backgrounds and demographics.
  • Understanding and improving the environmental impact of our company.
  • Developing and operating ethical, high-integrity governance practices internally and with our portfolio companies.
  • Engaging with and impacting our local community.
  • Longer-term deployment of our resources to create positive, global impact through technology.

In 2019, for the first time, we documented our social responsibility initiatives at Georgian in three categories: people, community and governance. Having a clearer understanding of where we are will help make plans for the coming years to improve in each area. We will track our progress against these categories each year and report on our progress.

As investors, we have a choice to make. We can decide where we accept capital from and where we deploy our resources. By selecting partners who are focused on outcomes that align with our values and goals for creating positive social impact, we have the opportunity to create a powerful multiplier effect. In addition to tracking our own initiatives, we are committed to understanding and measuring the impact of our portfolio companies and our limited partners over time.

Read the full report for 2019 here.

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