Tech-enabled growth.

Georgian provides an intelligent, data-driven platform for CEOs to accelerate company growth.

Using data and automation to accelerate your business.

Georgian's platform is designed to identify and accelerate the best growth-stage companies.

The platform uses data on companies and markets to deliver insights that enable you and the Georgian team, to reach better, faster decisions.

Our team uses these insights to address the key challenges growth-stage leadership teams face, across a range of offerings that span capital, research, product, operations and community.

Data & Insights

1 Georgian's platform combines data on companies, markets and relationships to deliver insights that help you scale.

Superpowered Experts

2 Equipped with data and insights, our team of technical experts and experienced operators works with you to add value across your business.


3 Automation drives efficiencies, allowing us to invest more in value-added services.


Building the next generation of companies.

Our platform identifies the best companies and provides intelligence to improve our digital diligence process. We use this to uncover opportunities to collaborate with your company.

We look for high-growth technology companies:

  • That can benefit from our platform.
  • With great leadership and strong work culture.
  • Generating $500k+ in monthly recurring revenue.
  • Raising between $25 and $75 million.
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Drive product differentiation with AI.

You want to make your product even more valuable, with actionable insights and automation. Georgian can help.

Our R&D team has a repeatable playbook to help you define your strategy, hire the right team and build AI-driven products, leveraging our software toolkits and machine learning expertise.

Grow deeper customer relationships.

Every touchpoint with your customers has the potential to earn or lose their trust. From the first marketing campaign to customer success. How do you continually earn that trust?

You have the opportunity to lead the conversation on trust and lay the foundations for long-lasting customer relationships.

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Keep an eye on the future.

Waves of disruptive technologies change the way that everybody does business. We always have an eye on the future to demystify and de-risk the next wave of new technologies.

Our team conducts applied research on advanced techniques in machine learning and trustworthy AI that are emerging from academia, like transfer learning, NLP representation learning, differential privacy, fairness and explainability.


Scale your operations.

With so many competing demands, where do you focus? Go-to-market? Customer success? Hiring? Product? Scalable processes? Metrics? Culture?

Our team of experienced operators brings insights to help to find the right balance.

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Peer-source solutions to your challenges.

You’re not alone. Our community—the Growth Network—provides access to your peers in other Georgian companies who are walking in your shoes and willing to share.

With specialist executive working groups and exclusive content, you'll find answers to your pressing questions.

An open-source philosophy.

Members of the Growth Network share their know-how with each other through private forums, working groups and content so that everyone benefits.

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