April 13, 2016

Episode 17: Insured Authentication and the Quest to Keep Businesses Secure

A photograph of Ori Eisen.

Identity theft. Fraudulent transactions. Security breaches. We hear about issues like these all the time. In this episode, Jon Prial talks to Ori Eisen, the Founder and CEO of Trusona, a company that guarantees authentication. Learn from a security expert just how susceptible you and your business are to security threats, and what you need to be doing to keep your confidential information safe.

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You’ll hear about:

  • What CEOs need to be thinking about to be secure
  • Whether new technologies such as chip cards and NFC are really helping ensure security
  • When we might reach the point where data breaches ruin companies
  • The importance of getting employees on board with security
  • Building a culture of security
  • Whether small companies need to be worried about security
  • Tools and maturity models for measuring security
  • Where to get started with security

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