The fintech for growth-stage companies.

At Georgian, we have always innovated to add more value to our companies.

What drives us at Georgian?

We know what it’s like to run a software company because we come from software and we live it ourselves. When you meet us, you’ll hear a common thread through our stories— a love for technology and deep respect for entrepreneurs. Each of us arrived here along different paths. We’ll be happy to tell you how.

We believe that entrepreneurs deserve an experience of growth capital that matches any other best-in-class technology partner. We're focused on your experience as a growth-stage CEO, using data-driven insights to improve how our team supports you and your team.

We love helping companies use technology to disrupt their markets and find entirely new ways of doing business.

Disrupting Growth Capital.

We like this approach so much that we apply it to ourselves, using tech to improve the experience of capital.

If something can be improved with tech to provide you a better experience, it should be. Everything we offer is digitally enabled and powered by data, from how we identify companies to our community to the software components we build.

We build these tools so that we can spend time with you and your team, bringing even more to the table.

Growth Equity. Decorative.
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Building the Next Generation of Companies.

We invest in high-growth technology companies:

  1. That can benefit from the use of our platform.
  2. With great leadership and strong work culture.
  3. Generating $500k+ in monthly recurring revenue.
  4. Raising between $25 and $75 million.


Our Purpose.

Our purpose is to maximize participation in the digital economy.

We’re committed to supporting causes that help more people access the benefits of technology. We also play an active role in our local community in Toronto.

Purpose Reports

In 2019, Georgian began defining, documenting and advancing our social responsibility efforts internally and externally. Our annual reports have showcased and tracked our efforts to build a sustainable, purpose-driven organization at Georgian.

2021's report highlights: 

  • Working to make tech more accessible 
  • Co-creating value with our portfolio companies
  • Increasing diversity across our pipeline and portfolio
  • Looking ahead in 2022

Read more about the progress of our Purpose initiatives in 2021.

Catch up on the 2020 report  and the 2019 report

Sound like the
place for you?

We’re always looking for talented, like-minded people who embrace our culture and share our vision and values.