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Meet Georgian

We invest in high-growth B2B software companies, but we’re not just growth-stage investors.

We help our customers find solutions to their technical and business challenges so they can grow with confidence.

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Investing in innovators disrupting large markets

We invest in companies that are:

    • Generating US$500k+ in monthly recurring revenue.
    • Raising US$25 million or more.
    • Led by a strong team.
    • Aligned to our thesis areas.

Assets under management


As of December 31, 2023.

Year founded


Georgian was founded by three former software entrepreneurs.



We've made investments across the US, UK, Canada and Israel.



We have supported both IPOs and strategic exits to public and private companies.

Community members


Our Community is like a private social network for customers.

R&D team


Our AI scientists and engineers are dedicated to solving problems with our customers.

Georgian’s fund strategies

Growth Funds

  • High-growth business software companies with strong unit economics seeking to disrupt large markets.
  • US$25M-$50M checks in Series B, C and D rounds.

Alignment Funds

  • Later-stage funding for leading Georgian Growth Fund companies. Allows investors to retain ownership.
  • US$100M checks in late-stage rounds.

Our Purpose

Our Purpose is to maximize participation in the digital economy. Our Higher Purpose reports detail our latest developments in pursuit of our purpose.

Purpose Annual Report 2022

We rebrand our annual Higher Purpose Report to our Purpose Report. This report showcases our Product-led Purpose thesis and outcomes from our climate strategy and latest ESG report.

Higher Purpose Report 2021

We share our climate strategy, ESG data tracking and our diligence process in 2021.

Higher Purpose Report 2020

We highlight how we shifted our social responsibility initiatives in light of COVID-19.

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