Artificial Intelligence

Georgian and Coder ()

Why Georgian Invested in Coder

We are excited to announce that Georgian has led Coder’s $35M fundraise…

This image was generated using DALL-E 3. Digital art visualization emphasizing artificial intelligence concepts, incorporating geometric shapes, interconnected nodes, and lines

Introducing Georgian’s “Crawl, Walk, Run” Framework for Adopting Generative AI

Since its founding in 2008, Georgian has conducted diligence on hundreds of…

Digital Background

Practitioners Perspectives: GenAI Risks and Opportunities

Generative AI (GenAI) is creating new opportunities, and companies need to keep…

Colourful lights

Georgian’s Top 5 Articles for 2021

Between continuously adapting to changing COVID-19 situations and hybrid work environments, 2021…

Deploying GPT-Neo’s 1.3 Billion Parameter Language Model Using AWS SageMaker

Language models are now capable of generating text that appears natural to…

Two photographs. The photograph on the left is Alistair Croll. The photograph on the right is Justin Norman.

What’s “Good” in Data Science?

In our November Scaletech event, Justin Norman, VP Data Science at Yelp,…

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