Applied AI

A photograph of Afsaneh Fazly.

Episode 70: Using Psychology to Help Machines Better Understand Our Words

In the not too distant future, talking machines will become a part…

Applied A I. Decorative.

An Overview of Applied Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the ability of a digital computer or computer-controlled robot…

A photograph of Yevgeniy Vahlis.

Episode 53: Differential Privacy Demystified (Pt II)

In this episode, Jon Prial continues his conversation about differential privacy with…

A photograph of Yevgeniy Vahlis.

Episode 52: Differential Privacy Demystified (Pt I)

Apple made headlines in 2016 when it started talking about differential privacy….

A woman wearing headphones.

Kick-Start Your AI Knowledge: 5 Must Listen Podcasts about Machine Learning

Machine learning has become so ubiquitous that it’s behind many of the…

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