Insights      Artificial Intelligence      Episode 109: Who’s Who in your Data with Jeff Jonas

Episode 109: Who’s Who in your Data with Jeff Jonas

A lot of effort goes into identifying who we are almost from the very moment we’re born. Birth certificates, passports, fingerprints, now facial recognition. So why does it still feel like companies don’t know us? Why do they send the same offer several times? Shouldn’t it be easy for CRMs to get it right? Well, it can be if you cleanse your data using entity resolution software.

In this episode of the Georgian Impact Podcast, Jon Prial talks with Jeff Jonas, CEO of Senzing. Jeff has worked in the area of entity resolution for almost 35 years. Over that time he’s worked with casinos, government agencies and enterprises.

You’ll hear about: 

  • Why entity resolution is a harder problem than you’d imagine
  • How it can be used to detect financial and voter fraud and identify terrorists
  • Why privacy by design is core to Senzing’s thinking

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Who is Jeff Jonas?

Jeff Jonas is an acclaimed data scientist and CEO of Senzing. He is at the forefront of solving some of the world’s most complex business and big data problems for government and companies. A former IBM fellow, Jonas is the leading creator of entity resolution systems. National Geographic recognized him as the Wizard of Big Data. Today, many organizations rely on his systems to extract useful intelligence from tsunamis of data.
A three-time entrepreneur, Jonas sold his last company to IBM in 2005.

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