October 16, 2018

Episode 88: The TWIML & AI CEO’s Guide to Machine Learning and AI with Sam Charrington

A photograph of Sam Charrington.

Who better to provide a CEO-level perspective on machine learning and artificial intelligence than Sam Charrington, the host of the wildly successful podcast This Week in Machine Learning & AI (TWIML & AI). In this episode, Jon Prial talks to Sam about the insights he’s gleaned from interviewing more than 150 ML and AI experts about an array of fascinating topics.

You’ll learn about:

  • The macro trends in machine learning and AI
  • How mature enterprises are when it comes to ML and AI
  • Creating generalizable AI platforms
  • The last mile problem
  • The growing importance of trust and bias

Mentioned in the podcast:

This Week in Machine Learning & AI

Who Is Sam Charrington?

Sam Charrington is the host of the TWIML & AI podcast. He’s also a sought after speaker, commentator and thought leader, and the founder of CloudPulse Strategies, an industry research firm. Sam’s research is focused on the business and consumer application of machine learning and AI, bringing AI-powered products to market, and AI-enabled and -enabling technology platforms.


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