Boost your AI product differentiation

Our AI team provides hands-on support to help differentiate our customers’ products. Plus, we apply what we’ve learned working across industries and use cases to help accelerate products.

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Drive product differentiation across all levels of AI maturity



Georgian's investment thesis areas are developed based on trends that we believe will fundamentally change the way software businesses are run.


Research ()

We research the advanced machine learning  techniques that are most applicable to growth-stage B2B software companies, with an eye on practical use cases.


Implementation ()

Then, we support our customers as they adopt these techniques to build new AI products or improve their existing ones.

Collaborate with AI specialists who have built products before

Our team of 30+ AI scientists and engineers are focused on helping our customers build a better product, faster. They bring insights from working on similar problems with customers across different industries.

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Build experience with advanced AI techniques and apply them, now

Customers get access to our library 20+ toolkits and code repositories that help them adopt advanced AI techniques, like multimodal machine learning and anomaly detection. Get started quickly, whether you're new or an AI veteran.

Create real value for your business

We've collaborated with dozens of customers to build solutions that aim to increase revenue, drive shorter onboarding times for customers and decrease time to value.

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Join our network of AI practitioners

Transferred Learnings is our community of 900+ AI scientists, researchers and practitioners. We run monthly events, workshops and presentations on topics including MLOps, computer vision, and other emerging machine learning trends.

Apply to join here.

Technology focus areas

We focus our research and implementations in two domains: advanced machine learning and trustworthy AI.

We help our customers prioritize opportunities and build products with the latest AI frameworks to quickly evaluate new techniques.

Machine learning

Generative AI

Leverage large speech, text and video models to generate new content.

Machine learning

Constrained optimization

Solve complex problems with fewer resources.

Machine learning

Transfer learning

Improve model performance and decrease model training time.

Machine learning

Time series forecasting

Make predictions using time series data.

Machine learning

Anomaly detection

Analyze usage data to identify outliers in a dataset with the aim of improving fraud detection and more.

Trustworthy AI

Differential privacy and fairness

Protect user data while reducing bias.

Read our research papers

Discover research our AI team has published in leading academic journals.

How we use AI to drive product differentiation

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