Generative AI

Rohit Saha big

The Nitty-gritty of Fine-tuning a GenAI Model

We’ve all heard about how generative AI is changing almost every aspect…

Pari and Tingle new

How Georgian’s AI team supports companies in adopting GenAI

Generative AI is redefining businesses with its capacity to write text, generate code,…

TT Lanre realistic k photo and illustrations bulb showing data dba c a be

Generative AI: Opportunities and Challenges for Startups

As we discussed in our previous post, the sudden rise of generative AI…

An introduction to Generative AI

Generative AI’s Overnight Success Was Years in the Making

Since Georgian launched its Applied AI thesis in 2017, we’ve seen an…

A photograph of Kathryn Harrison.

Episode 133: Tackling Digital Disinformation with Kathryn Harrison

It used to be you could trust what you saw. With the…

A photograph of Kundan Kumar.

Episode 118: The business case for deep fakes with Descript’s Kundan Kumar

Deep Fakes are incredibly realistic impersonations that blur the line between truth…

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