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Pari and Tingle new

How Georgian’s AI team supports companies in adopting GenAI

Generative AI is redefining businesses with its capacity to write text, generate code,…

Digital Background

Practitioners Perspectives: GenAI risks and opportunities from members of the Georgian Growth Network working groups

Generative AI (GenAI) is creating new opportunities, and companies need to keep…

Purpose Report web thumbnail

Purpose Annual Report 2022

We rebrand our annual Higher Purpose Report to our Purpose Report. This report showcases our Product-led Purpose thesis and outcomes from our climate strategy and latest ESG report.

product-led purpose thumbnail

Introducing Our Thesis on Product-Led Purpose

Over the past decade, technology companies have contributed to significant progress across…

LP features

Team Profile: Azin Asgarian, Applied Research Scientist

What do you work on at Georgian? As part of the R&D…

Michael Casey thumbnail on Creating Content for Crypto Education

Creating Content for Crypto Education With CoinDesk’s Michael Casey

As the Scaletech Conference continues, bringing together leaders and experts from across…

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