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How Georgian’s AI team supports companies in adopting GenAI

Generative AI is redefining businesses with its capacity to write text, generate code, execute tasks, create images, and more. Gen AI is fundamentally changing how companies have to build their products.

This is the first in a series of podcasts featuring our AI team, where they share their experiences on the generative AI work they’ve already done with more than 20 of our portfolio companies. In this episode, we are joined by two technical leaders of Georgian’s R&D team Parinaz Sobhani and David Tingle. Parinaz is the Head of AI at Georgian and David is the team’s Engagement Manager for our work with our customers. 

You’ll Hear About: 

  • How generative AI is reshaping businesses by excelling in text, code, task execution, and image generation.
  • The importance of a cross-functional collaboration approach and a top-down problem-solving strategy in technology development.
  • An overview of the historical focus of Georgian’s AI team on data and machine learning.
  • Exploration of the starting points for companies, including the use of foundational models from big tech companies and the role of first-party data in differentiation.
  • Discussion on the crawl, walk, run stages of generative AI adoption, highlighting the importance of finding a golden use case and the need for a “trust-first” approach for future-proofing.

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