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Redefining Legal Impact with the Team at Darrow

When we think about legal tech software, we think about value add discovery or document management. But with the explosion of AI, new opportunities are emerging. We’re going to share a story about how technology can help lawyers help more people and you’ll hear a word that might surprise you too: Justice.

On this episode of the Georgian Impact Podcast, we’ll be talking with the founders of one of Georgian’s investments, a fascinating company with an absolutely wonderful name for a company in this space, Darrow. But, it’s not the name that matters today. It’s about an idea and the coming together of a vision.

You’ll Hear About:

  • The role of AI in legal tech and litigation.
  • Darrow’s mission and approach to justice.
  • Building class action lawsuits with data and AI.
  • Addressing data biases and fostering trust.
  • The significance of Darrow’s PlaintiffLink offering.
  • Darrow’s human-centric company culture and social impact.

Who are the Co-Founders of Darrow?

Evyatar Ben Artzi is the Co-Founder and CEO at Evyatar harnesses his legal and technological experience to improve legal systems and societies, empowering people to make better decisions and become the authors of their own story. Evyatar assumed leadership roles in the collaborative and dynamic teams he has led and worked with, whether as a Combat Officer in the IDF, a clerk at the Israeli Supreme Court, as a Co-Founder of Yahav – a progressive education program – or as Co-Founder and CEO at Darrow, using AI to unearth the legal implications of real-world events.

Gila Hayat is the Co-Founder and CEO at Prior to Darrow, she spent seven years in computer intelligence in the IDF, in part, focusing on classified projects on ethical issues of AI both in the military and police forces. She and her team earned presidential honors for their work.

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