Jessica Galang

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Bridging Blockchain’s Interoperability Gap With Hyperlane’s Jon Kol

This is a blog based on Episode 1 of our Bridging Web3…


Why Qohash CEO Jean Le Bouthillier Embraces Conflict To Build Trust

For Jean Le Bouthillier, CEO of enterprise data security company Qohash, failure…

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How To Find the Best AI Opportunities in Your Business

Building an AI product can seem daunting if you don’t know where…

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Audit Your Data — The Right Way

So you want to use machine learning to build better products and…

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Making the Most Out of Your Board of Directors

What you get out of your board meetings depends on how much…

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Georgian’s Top 5 Articles for 2021

Between continuously adapting to changing COVID-19 situations and hybrid work environments, 2021…

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