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Georgian’s Top 5 Articles for 2021

Between continuously adapting to changing COVID-19 situations and hybrid work environments, 2021 was another challenging year where growing your company and your culture was a balancing act.

We rounded up the top articles that entrepreneurs found the most helpful.

1. G7: The Seven SaaS Metrics Georgian Uses to Evaluate Growth-stage Software Companies

After analyzing data from 100+ technology IPOs and private benchmarks — covering over 2,000 growth stage software companies —  we determined the “top” metrics that helped define our own companies’ success. In this blog, we explain the “G7 metrics” that evaluate the strength of a growing company, including examples and explanations of how to use them. 

2. How to Build Customer Success into Your Company’s DNA

Customer success is a long-term game that ensures your customers are benefitting from your product long after a sale. Georgian’s Peter Szary shares the patterns he’s observed in growing companies over his 25 years of experience; use this guide to ensure you’re on the right track for scaling your CS strategy.

3. Three Leadership Principles for 2021

Joe DiBartolomeo, head of go-to-market at Georgian, reflected on three core themes that came up in conversations with leaders that were trying to adapt their workplaces during COVID-19. In this piece, Joe talks about the importance of emotional intelligence, aligning your team towards a common goal and simplifying your process to scale. 

4. How an Experienced CRO Thinks about Building a Revenue Engine

An experienced CRO is important for scaling up, but what the role entails is often poorly understood. We spoke to Joe about what makes a great revenue team, and share the “building blocks” of a CRO role that form the CRO priority pyramid. Read this piece to learn about each building block and how you can use the pyramid framework to drive alignment across your revenue teams. 

5. Georgian’s Higher Purpose Report 2020

After a difficult 2020, many teams had to reflect on what was really important. Georgian was no exception. In our Higher Purpose report for 2020, we explain our approach to supporting our companies and our community. These efforts include reaching more women, non-binary, BIPOC and LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs through our pipeline diversity initiative, supporting organizations responding to COVID-19 and anti-racism, and more. 

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