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Georgian, Your Platform for Growth.

At Georgian, we believe in the opportunity to offer more value to founders and CEOs by taking a digital-first, data-driven approach to growth-stage investing.  

Georgian was founded by former software entrepreneurs and our innovation has followed the pattern of software companies.  

For over a decade, we have taken our own unique approach. That has included creating an in-house R&D team, open-sourcing software we have developed and building a world-class executive community, the Growth Network. Today we are taking that a step further. 

Georgian Partners is now Georgian, the fintech for growth-stage software companies. And as Georgian, we are building an intelligent, data-driven platform to help solve key challenges our CEOs face as they grow their businesses. 

Disrupting growth equity.

Digital disruption has happened to almost every industry over the past ten years. Originally, B2C companies like Uber and Airbnb were the most obvious examples. Now there are B2B examples in almost every industry vertical. We have invested in many of them, including IEX (stock exchange), Beam (dental insurance) and Opcity (real estate).

We believe it is time for growth equity to go through the same process.  

Digital disruptors use technology to improve the customer experience as well as to automate their own business, while also adopting the best practices of software companies and at Georgian we have long taken this approach. 

  • Using technology to improve the customer experience. For example, our R&D team has built software components that we make available to our companies for free. Our companies can use these components to reduce the time it takes for their customers to go live and to make machine learning models more effective by training on aggregate data sets.
  • Automating our own business with technology. For instance, we use our own automated sourcing engine, driven by machine learning, to identify the best companies for investment. 
  • Adopting the best practices of software companies. Our processes, teams and culture mirror software companies. We operate the way our companies do: sales, account management, R&D, community, our titles, our org structure. 

We are now accelerating our investment in more digital services. Some of these will provide insights to our team and our companies. Some of them will be consumed by our companies digitally through APIs.   

Growth equity investing is a business of deep personal relationships. These investments in technology and automation are intended to augment the value of these relationships by unlocking more time and equipping everybody in our network with additional data-driven insights. 

The Georgian approach.

Our approach is collaborative and focused on return on investment. All of our services are free and are intended to increase the value of our companies. This is how we benefit and it is aligned with our investors and our companies. Whenever we engage with our companies, we predict and measure the value of our collaboration. 

What isn’t changing is our investment focus. We continue to look for the best growth-stage technology companies where we typically invest $25M-$75M, usually in a Series B or later. We’re excited to be driving innovation in our own industry.  We continue to be inspired by the founders, CEOs and their teams that we are lucky enough to work with every day.  We’re excited to work with entrepreneurs to accelerate the growth of their business.

Welcome to Georgian. 

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