Finance and Metrics


Cloud Spend Management: A Guide for Startups

Over the past several months, CoLab executives and customers have told us…


How to Tell Your Story to Growth-Stage Investors

So you’re an early-stage startup that’s seeing more customers and more excitement…

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VCs Share Their Thoughts For Growth Stage Entrepreneurs During CoLab Day 2021

For our CoLab Day session on fundraising, we had speakers from venture…

Doug Marinaro

Riptide CEO Doug Marinaro explains why timing is everything while fundraising

In 2014, Doug Marinaro was four years into leading San Francisco-based LiquidSpace,…


CoLab Connect: Overcoming Common Fundraising Challenges as an Early-Stage Startup

Fundraising is an important part of fueling your company’s growth, but the…

An illustration of a flying rocketship in space with a planet nearby.

G7: The Seven SaaS Metrics Georgian Uses to Evaluate Growth-stage Software Companies

The G7: a new framework composed of the seven most important metrics that we use to evaluate the strength of a growing technology company.

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