Applied AI

Finding your North Star

Agile AI at Georgian – Part 1: Finding Your Project’s North Star

AI at Georgian: What I’ve learned In my work leading product and…


Building a Competitive Data Moat Starts with Privacy

As we’ve mentioned in our blog on how we invest in R&D…


Investing in Georgian R&D to Drive Startup Growth

While Georgian’s key focus is investing capital in promising startups,  we also…

A screen with many lines of code.

Seven Principles of Building Fair Machine Learning Systems

I recently gave a lecture for the Bias in AI course launched…

A narrow street in a city. On the left side of the street is a building with a car parked next to it. On the right side of the street is a building with two bicycles parked in front of it. At the end of the street is a house.

Overcoming the Cold Start Problem: How We Make Intractable Tasks Tractable

by Azin Asgarian and Franziska Kirschner I woke up this morning (somewhat…

A chart with four categories. Each category contains names of companies. The first category, titled Horizontal "A P I-First" companies, consists of six subcategories from left to right as follows: Privacy, Payments, Fraud, Communication, Data Verification, Identity. The data is as follows. Privacy: Skyflow, Transcend, Evervault. Payments: Finix, Stripe, Dwolla, Square. Fraud: Alloy, Onfido, SentiLink, Cognito. Communication: Twillo, SignalWire, Nylas, Aircall. Data Verification: Certn, Middesk, Argyle, Truework, Checkr. Identity: WorkOS, Trusona, Auth0. The second category, titled Vertical "A P I-First" Companies, consists of four subcategories from left to right as follows: Healthcare; eCommerce; Financial Services; A P I Development, Management, and Monitoring. The data is as follows. Healthcare: Human API, Redox, Dr Chrono, TrueVault, Eligible. eCommerce: Strapi, Contentstack, Commerce.js, Contentful, True Fit, Alloy. Financial Services: Flinks, Yapily, Finxact Core as a Service, Plaid, Bond, SynapseFI. A P I Development, Management, and Monitoring: Kong, MuleSoft, Postman, Apigee, Microsoft Azure, Third category titled A P I security: PingIntelligence for A P Is, Traceable, Salt, RedHat, Noname, Imperva. Fourth Category titled A P I marketplaces: RapidAPI, API list, Hitch.

The API Economy Gold Rush

API-first businesses are creating their own ecosystem and exciting new companies are…

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