October 5, 2017

Episode 60: Bringing Ethics and Privacy to Machine Learning

Jon Prial

Artificial Intelligence, Company Spotlights, Trust

A photograph of Kathryn Hume.

There’s a lot to consider when building any AI solution for your business. In this episode of the Impact Podcast, Jon Prial talks with Kathryn Hume, the VP of Product and Strategy at integrate.ai, about the evolution of machine learning and artificial intelligence, with a focus on issues like ethics, transparency and privacy. Find out about the adoption of AI in a variety of industries and the practicalities of making it all work.

You’ll hear about:

  • Legal and technical issues in technology
  • Early applications of supervised learning
  • Adoption of AI in the legal and accounting industries
  • The role of ethics, transparency and privacy  in machine learning

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Who is Kathryn Hume?

Kathryn Hume is a world-renowned expert in machine learning, product marketing and strategy. Prior to joining integrate.ai as the VP of Product and Strategy, she was the Director of Sales and Marketing at Fast Forward Labs, where she helped Fortune 500 companies to accelerate their machine learning and data science capabilities. Prior to that, she was a Principal Consultant in Intapp’s Risk Practice, focused on data privacy, security, and compliance. A widely respected speaker and writer on AI, Kathryn excels at communicating how AI and machine learning technologies work in plain language.

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