September 23, 2016

Episode 31: A Deep Dive Into Security First

A photograph of Yevgeniy Vahlis.

Security first cuts across all areas of software companies, including development, technology, human resources, culture, marketing, hiring and the C-Suite. It’s not about building a bigger security wall, but rather fundamentally changing the way your business operates. In this episode, Ben Wilde interviews Yevgeniy Vahlis, Georgian Partners’ new Director of Applied Research. Together they do a deep dive on this important topic and what it means for your software company.

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You’ll hear about:

  • What security first means in the context of a software company
  • Examples of how security first can change a software company
  • Apple as an example of a company taking a strong position on security and privacy
  • The role of cryptography in creating more secure software
  • Practical examples of how security first makes it way into product discussions
  • Whether or not collecting data and protecting people’s privacy are mutually exclusive
  • How CEOs should approach understanding security first and hiring the right people
  • Attributes of qualified security first candidates


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