May 24, 2016

Episode 21: When Content Marketing Meets Messaging Apps

A photograph of Kunal Gupta.

To be successful, today’s brands need to publish content. And plenty of it. The idea is to offer customers useful information while at the same time earning their trust. Increasingly, that content is going to be delivered through messaging apps. In this episode, Jon Prial talks with Kunal Gupta, the CEO of Polar, a company that allows publishers to serve native advertising and sponsored content to their readers, about the content marketing revolution and the role that messaging apps have to play it in it.

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You’ll hear about:

  • Where content marketing should fit into your overall marketing mix
  • How they way people interact with content on different devices will evolve over time
  • The move to pushing content to specific audiences
  • Using content to enable long-term relationships with a brand
  • Why a publisher’s website soon might not matter
  • The role of messaging in your business
  • Whether content or messaging interfaces should lead
  • How to decide what messaging environment to use
  • The role of privacy in messaging
  • How CEOs can get started in messaging
  • Polar as a company

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