November 12, 2016

Episode 34: Information Security Isn’t Just About Tech

Multiple padlocks on a screen.

The costs of data breaches are rising quickly. Just look at the recently disclosed 2014 data breach at Yahoo that’s now threatening to derail Verizon’s acquisition of the internet company. There’s no doubt that security is hard, but many organizations overlook the basics of getting security right. One of those is the importance of culture in leading an organisation toward better security. At Georgian’s recent annual portfolio conference, Seth Purcell, CTO at Signpost, gave a quick and insightful talk about security, why it’s not just about technology and the need to develop a culture of security.

You’ll hear about:

  • The nature of security
  • Why security is not just a feature you add
  • The problem with users
  • The importance of culture in security
  • How to build a culture of security

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