May 2, 2016

Episode 19: Is Privacy Realistic in the Digital Age?

A photograph of Mark Vecchiarelli.

Privacy is something that matters to individuals and to governments. It’s also something that every business needs to incorporate into its strategy. In this episode, Jon Prial welcomes Mark Vecchiarelli, who spent years working for Ontario‚Äôs Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner. They talk about the importance of being transparent and the implications of privacy for today’s companies.

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You’ll hear about:

  • How companies should be thinking about privacy
  • Whether or not privacy is dead
  • How much governments and companies should be regulating privacy
  • How to Change the perspective of the C-Suite around privacy
  • Bringing privacy by design to your entire company
  • How founders and CEOs can embrace privacy
  • Playing the long game when it comes to getting information
  • Whether people will ever truly be in charge of their own data

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