August 17, 2017

Case Study: Using Applied Analytics to Reduce Workplace Accidents

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How a global leader in environmental, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) software is tapping into customer data to not only create a better product, but also save lives.

When Cority, a global leader in environmental, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) software, wanted to raise capital, it was keen to find a partner that offered more than just a check. The Toronto-based company helps organizations manage safety in the workplace and has access to a trove of customer data. Its President and CEO, Mark Wallace, knew that if his team could harness the insights that data contained, they’d be able to improve their product and further differentiate themselves from their competitors.

That’s one of the reasons why Wallace was interested in working with Georgian. The firm is known for its deep expertise in applied analytics, which he was eager to tap into to help propel the business forward.

To help meet that need, the Georgian R&D team facilitated an applied analytics workshop in August 2016, shortly after making its investment. “We wanted to bring together key members of Cority’s senior leadership team for a facilitated one-day brainstorming session,” explains Madalin Mihailescu, the head of the Georgian R&D team. “We were keen to help uncover the best ways for Cority to develop a successful applied analytics strategy.”

Mihailescu and his colleagues began by asking the workshop participants to think about the people who use Cority’s product and the types of insights those users would find valuable enough to pay for. As the session progressed, more and more ideas surfaced. The team then devoted time to evaluating each one, weighing the potential value that Cority could derive from an insight against the cost associated with bringing it to customers.

The output of the workshop was an opportunity matrix and product roadmap that gave Cority a clear indication of where they should consider focusing their efforts in the applied analytics space.

Based on the discussions, Georgian prioritized three opportunities that would help Cority’s customers to:

  • Compare themselves against their peers across a variety of safety metrics.
  • Understand what specific activities they could undertake to improve workplace safety based on their particular situation.
  • Predict high-severity or fatal accidents before they happened.

“It was a highly productive session for us,” recalls Wallace. “The Georgian R&D team did an amazing job of helping us distill the opportunities down so that we were not only focused on the right ones, but also had a clear path forward.”

From Planning to Action

Not long after the workshop, Cority engaged the Georgian R&D team for additional support. With a plan in place to bring a new analytics product module to market, it was time to get to work on execution.

The first step was to expand Cority’s in-house analytic capabilities. The Georgian R&D team got involved in every stage of the process from developing job descriptions and sourcing candidates to conducting interviews and making final recommendations about who to hire. So far two new data scientists, an engineer, an architect, a product marketer and a project manager have already come on board.

In parallel with this effort, the team began work on refining and delivering against the product roadmap. As part of that effort, the Georgian Impact team got involved in a variety of capacities, including:

  • Conducting customer calls to validate the perceived value of specific insights
  • Helping Cority structure its contracts to ensure they had rights to perform analytics on customer data
  • Defining the product by creating wireframes, storyboarding the product vision and creating sales decks

Cority launched its industry-leading analytics product in 2018 and it has been adopted by several global clients. The product allows EHSQ departments to easily assess the quality of their data, benchmark performance, identify the likelihood of workplace incidents occurring and take action to drive safer behavior across the enterprise.

“We launched the product just six months after our initial kick off with Georgian,” says David Vuong, the product manager overseeing the engagement at Cority. “Not only have we seen several large clients purchase the product, but it also won a ‘New Product of the Year’ award in our industry. It is truly a competitive differentiator. Our continued conversations with Georgian provide ideas on how to deliver even greater value as we continue to refine and improve the product.”

Key Accomplishments

  • Identified the best analytics opportunities
  • Developed a product roadmap
  • Facilitated key analytics hires
  • Helped Cority secure data rights
  • Validated ideas with customers
  • Ongoing product definition work

The Georgian team couldn’t be happier. Being able to use their expertise to help a portfolio company is one thing. Doing so to help that company save lives is quite another.

“The Georgian team did an amazing job of helping us distill the opportunities down so that we were not only focused on the right ones, but also had a clear path forward.”


Mark Wallace

President & CEO, Cority

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